Trump and the ‘F’ word

We’ve had two and one-half years of Trump’s prevarications, his blatant racism, white supremacy, nationalism, militarism, concentration camps, and cult of personality, and yet the mainstream media is still demure about using the ‘F’ word. I’m talking about fascism. His recent cult rally in Greenville, NC was so blatantly fascist, one wonders what the media is waiting for. Perhaps a goosestep? Arm-bands? Are they afraid of alienating their readership? I don’t think we should be too concerned about offending racists and fascists.

The media as a whole have done such a piss-poor job at educating and protecting the American people, one marvels at just how deeply complicit they are. Perhaps the ‘F’ word has been so over-used by both sides of the political spectrum that it no longer has any meaning. It’s a pity, because it does have a clear definition.

Those who attended Trump’s rally seem so obsessed with Sharia law’s being incompatible with our Constitution, they don’t seem to realize that fascism is too. Straining out a gnat, they’ve swallowed a camel. The rally had some striking parallels to the 1938 American Nazi rally at Madison Square Garden. Or would today’s media simply call that one “far-right”?

Scholar Henry Giroux has written an important article on the topic, and it’s well worth the read.

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