A Cat among the Pigeons

Last month Microsoft unveiled new software that promises to make our elections “safe” from hacking (AP, May 6, “Microsoft unveils software tools to secure elections”). The tech giant’s partner in this project is none other than Galois, whose sole investor is our own Department of Defense. Three of the major voting machine vendors are now poised to use the software.

Wait a minute. Is anyone else uncomfortable with turning over our election security to what Ike called the Military Industrial Complex? Few media outlets have questioned the partnership. So that means Microsoft and the DOD have no stake in the outcome of our national elections? While I don’t trust the Russians to cease trying to hack into our electoral system, neither do I trust that the MIC’s interest in this project stems from pure patriotism. If you think this partnership is a bad idea, please call or write your Senators and representatives. 2020 political candidates should also weigh in.

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