What We Can Teach the Russians about Propaganda

While the US media goes after their Russian counterparts for whitewashing Putin’s role in the recent downing of a Malaysian airliner over Ukraine, subservient major American news outlets, like NBC, can hardly throw stones. A case in point is this article by The Intercept‘s Glenn Greenwald.

When it comes to towing the government’s line on issues, nothing strikes more cringing fear in the hearts of establishment journalists than the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. NBC recently recalled its star reporter in Gaza because, presumably, he was getting too even-handed with his reporting, veering from the established, one-eyed pro-Israel propaganda we normally ingest with our morning frappuccino.

Apparently, the reporter, Mohyeldin, committed a serious mea culpa by not only reporting the news, but actually witnessing it. I’m referring to Israel’s senseless and savage targeting of four Palestinian boys on a Gaza beach. Mohyeldin not only watched the boys’ being blown apart from his balcony; he had actually played soccer with them only an hour before.

There’s nothing that makes the bowels of Washington pols and their media lapdogs looser than the Israel lobby in high dudgeon. Of course, what terrifies them even more is the possibility of the American public’s learning what is really going on in Gaza.

Ironically, if you want to read a tougher journalistic line on Israel, you have to go to (guess where) Israel, where freedom of the press actually still exists.


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