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Great Teaching Resource: Zinn Education Project

Here’s a great resource for teachers, homeschoolers, and parents who want to offer their children an alternative to the often whitewashed history available in textbooks. Because American history is more than just a list of presidents and battles; it is also a story of movements, of ordinary people who banded together to demand and effect change. As the late historian Howard Zinn believed, most history textbooks teach our children to be passive, waiting for the next “great leader” to appear on the stage or thinking that voting every four years is the sum of democracy. In truth, a country that teaches history to its children in this way effectively castrates them, dooming them to sit on the sidelines instead of encouraging their full involvement as an informed and educated citizenry aware of its own enormous power.

The site offers many inspiring and eye-opening articles, as well as projects, films, and other media to help bring America’s past into our present.

Here is Zinn’s own take on why we should study history and how educators and parents can help to make it a process that builds critical thinking skills, beyond just memorizing dates.



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