September 14, 2010    

WEST ORANGE, NJ–  The peace of this normally quiet neighborhood was shattered early Monday morning when a Chinese predator drone dropped two bombs, destroying six homes and significantly damaging twelve others.  In all, 18 people were killed, 21 wounded. 

“We heard nothing.  There was no warning. Just these huge explosions,” said Robin Maachen, a mother of three whose home suffered damage in the blasts. “We were asleep.  Everybody was asleep.  There was no time to prepare ourselves.  Everything just shook, and things started falling.  I can’t believe this happened.”

Among the dead were 9 children and 3 seniors, all of whom lived in private homes within a one-block radius of the blast site.  The search for survivors was called off yesterday when the last body was accounted for.

The Beijing government claimed success in killing at least one Chinese national, Ouyang Hsieh, in the 3:00 AM attack.  Hsieh had long been wanted in China on charges of drug smuggling.  West Orange police confirmed today that Hsieh, who had recently immigrated to the U.S., was among the dead. 

“While we regret the loss of life,” a Chinese official stated yesterday, “the world is a much safer place without Mr. Hsieh.” 

The U.S. State Department has declined to comment on the night bombing, but it is widely rumored in Washington that increasing financial pressure from Beijing is behind the recent White House decision to give Chinese predator drones access to American air space. 

[Sounds crazy, huh? Exactly. No, it’s not true.  But should we do elsewhere what we are not willing to have done to us?]


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