U.S. Missiles Strike S. Yemen

Memo: To the Oval Office Staff.
Please file this one under “J” for “Just Doesn’t Get It.”

ABC News reports that Nobel Peace Prize winner Barak Obama ordered cruise missile strikes against two “suspected terrorist targets” in South Yemen last Thursday.

Pardon me, but if you’re going to use cruise missiles, shouldn’t they be “confirmed terrorist targets”? As it happens, reports claim that the real target of the attacks, Al-Qaeda leader Qasim al Rim, was not among the dead, which included 49 civilians, among whom were 23 women and 17 children.

I hope they’re not going to call this a “surgical strike.” If a surgeon were supposed to take out your appendix and took out your whole neighborhood instead, he would surely lose his license to practice (in any state, of course, excepting the District of Columbia). This sort of attack, along with the use of drones in Pakistan, is lauded as “clean, saving American lives.” It’s clear our President does not count Arab or Muslim children as “lives.”

Thank you, Mr. President, for helping to foster terrorism and hatred of America worldwide. The images of dead women and children are just what Al-Qaeda needed for its next recruitment video. Rather like trying to put out a fire by smothering it with gelignite. Nice going. Your predecessor could not have done it better.

Mr. Bin Laden must be sniggering himself to sleep at night knowing that everything he’s said about America is being played out on the world stage, only with a lot more gore, insensitivity and stupidity than even he gave us credit for.

As a Christian I shake out my clothes against this kind of foreign policy. It’s murder and it’s cowardly. Who’s the terrorist? I can’t decide.


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