Letter to Congressman Pete King

Dear Mr. King:

As your constituent I have to express to you how grieved I was to see my United States Representative become the butt of jokes on YouTube and TMZ because of the indiscretion of his remarks. I am referring, of course, to your recent intemperate broadside against media coverage of the Jackson funeral.

I have never been a fan of Mr. Jackson, nor have I ever approved of his lifestyle, but I believe it is uncharitable and self-righteous to throw stones at someone who was obviously a very tortured and unhappy individual.

It is both easy and cowardly to rally the forces of intolerance by using such epithets as “pervert” and “low-life.” These words belong to the growing climate of uncivil discourse in this country, fed by shock-jocks such as Mr. Limbaugh and others. It does not surprise me to hear such remarks from them, but it does disappoint me to see my elected representative participate so unprofessionally and so unapologetically in the stone-throwing.

I thank God I serve a Lord who never threw a stone, nor berated sinners, but rather reached out to the broken and healed those in bondage.

Rev. Steve Munson



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3 responses to “

  1. I'd be interested to see his response–if there is any.

  2. I never get anything back from him, only a computer generated acknowledgment that the email was received.

  3. It isn't about getting anything back from him; he doesn't care what you have to say anyway. The point is to bring to light his words, and you have done that.

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