Socialism for the Rich, Not the Poor

Former Sec’y of Labor Robert Reich recently observed on Moyers Journal that people fear that healthcare reform will lead us into socialism. Actually, he noted, we’ve been living with socialism for decades in all the corporate welfare and subsidies– a kind of corporate socialism– culminating, of course, in the recent bank and automaker bailouts. The only people who have not benefited directly from this brand of socialism are the poor and middle class.

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  1. Good point, Steve. I wonder whether these people who shout out socialist at Obama have any idea what they are talking about. The fact is the government and the private sector have had a partnership for over a hundred years. Many of our innovations have come about because of some form of government prodding or incentive. And then there's social security and medicare…Unfortunately, the 40 some odd million people who don't have health care coverage actually cost the tax payer millions of dollars each year when they get sick and need hospitalization. But do we hear about those people from the Right? Of course not!

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