Dear Mr. President:

Thank you for your historic speech today to the Muslim world, which sets a new and courageous course for U.S. policy in the Middle East– a policy of justice, not blindness and favoritism.

Like most Americans I support Israel’s right to exist and value the long friendship that has existed between our two nations since Israel’s inception.

However, it is clear to any rational person that a string of conservative governments in Israel has set a reckless course of empire and manifest destiny that is destructive not only to peace in the region but also to her own security (not to mention ours).

I agree that it is time to stand up and be firm– if we truly consider ourselves friends of Israel. If Israel wishes to continue this dangerous and unjust course, it must do so without the ever increasing cascade of U.S. aid, which makes up 25% of our foreign aid budget, not to mention all the military freebies.

As an American I am disgusted that my tax dollars are spent to support such injustice– and clearly at the risk of our own national security (since Israel’s oppression of Palestinians [with our support] is the #1 recruiting point for terrorism against us).

I hope and pray that you will continue to stand up to AIPAC and the Likudniks in Congress (those who serve not the American people who elected them but their own wallets) and take advantage of this historic moment to build a just and lasting peace in the region. Please continue to demand that Israel cease to occupy and colonize Palestinian land (land given by U.N. mandate). (Interesting– when Iraq was accused of defying U.N. mandates, we invaded. When Israel does it, we give them billions.)

If Congress tries to divert you from this course– as some have chosen to do already– I encourage you to take your case to the American people. AIPAC may have more money, but we have more votes (and ours are not purchased).

Please help put an end to the cycle of hopelessness and violence. The eyes of all Americans and of the world are upon you.

Thank you.


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