What Happens When No One Is in Charge: or When Oversight Becomes an Oversight

Oversight: (defn. 1,2) failure to notice or consider; an omission or error due to carelessness; (defn. 3) supervision, watchful care.

According to the law, the Inspector General of the United States Federal Reserve is charged with the oversight of the Fed’s books (i.e., where is the money going and to whom). Obviously, no one has told this woman that there is a third definition of the word oversight. Just look at this video and you will see why this woman was chosen for the job. How little respect the banking industry has for the American people. No wonder Sen. Durbin recently remarked that they “own” Congress. What chumps we are.


While I abhor and would never advocate violence, I’m starting to see why the Framers of the Constitution at least left us our guns.


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